Frequently Asked Questions


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Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have references I can talk to?

Yes. Simply contact us and we will provide you with references. You can directly communicate with our customers with absolutely no filters. Not many companies are willing to make this type of commitment, but we believe openness about how we do business works to our advantage. When you deliver on your promises, you’re happy to let others spread the word.

I just want a price. Why do you need to visit my home to give me an estimate?

For almost every type of job, it is essential to visit the site to give you a firm, accurate quote. By visually inspecting the project, our experienced consultants can size up any potential issues and give you a 100% accurate quote. You won’t pay a penny more.

And don’t worry. We aren’t coming to your home to play pricing games or put pressure on you. We just want to give you an accurate quote, provide information on your options, and answer all your questions.

Your prices are low compared to others I’ve seen. Should I be concerned about the quality?

No. We will put our products and installation up against anyone. We back all our products with outstanding warranties – something you simply cannot do with inferior products. We can offer prices that are much lower than our competitors because we have mastered business practices that keep our costs lower.

First, we have become advertising experts. We attribute our success in this area to promising a quality product at a low price in a straightforward way – and then delivering on it. Our success in advertising means we can acquire a new customer for far less than it costs our competitors. This in turn has allowed us to become a volume seller with low overhead and we pass these savings to our customers. All of this creates a powerful combination that is greater than the sum of its parts. It allows us to continue offering the lowest prices without skimping on quality or installation.

Do you offer financing?

Yes. If you decide to finance, you will not be alone – a lot of our customers use financing as a way to make paying for their project easier. We have a very simple application process and in most cases can get you approved instantly. Perfect credit is not necessary – decent credit will be fine. Visit our Financing page for more details.

Do you accept credit cards?

Yes, we accept all major credit cards.

Do you have a referral program?

Yes. If the friend, neighbor, or family member you refer does business with us, we will send you a $100 check. And we also give the person you referred $100 off their project. One of the best ways to get referral bonuses is to keep our lawn sign in your yard for a couple of weeks. There is, of course, no obligation to do this. But many of our customers have earned multiple referral bonuses by leaving the sign up for a few weeks

How can I learn more about Window Expo?

Read our Contractors Standards Guide. This guide pulls all the most important information about us together in one spot. It outlines how we go about our business in a comprehensive way and details all our promises to our customers.

Will my sunroom have a tacked-on appearance?

No. If you see a sunroom that looks ‘tacked-on,’ it’s likely because it is a sunroom ‘kit’ that doesn’t match the look of a home. Also, poorly installed sunrooms can create a less than desirable appearance. Southern Living Sunrooms creates a design that integrates seamlessly with your home. Check out our gallery to see how natural a sunroom addition looks.

I’m very interested in a sunroom but I’m concerned about paying for it all at once. What are my options?

We have excellent financing options and we want to help our customers. You do not need perfect credit – decent credit will work. Spreading out the cost of the sunroom over time puts a sunroom in reach of the vast majority of people.

Ask about financing during your first consultation with us and we will be happy to explain them. We even have no interest options.

Can I find a sunroom cheaper than you offer?

Not if you want a custom sunroom built from the ground up. We have the lowest pricing if you do an “apples to apples” comparison on a real sunroom customized to your needs. There are some cheaper alternatives like a sunroom from a “kit.” We caution you that kits are often not the appropriate solution. Kits are more prone to leaking and often do not match the look of your home very well, detracting from its value.

Southern Living Sunrooms is the price leader for sunrooms because we get our products locally – from right here in Texas. So we don’t pay extra for a brand name – we just pay for American-made quality.

I’m pretty sure I want a sunroom, but I haven’t completely decided. Can I get information without getting into a high-pressure sales situation?

Of course. When we come to your house for a free design consultation, we are there to listen to you and present your options. We are NOT there to twist arms or play pricing games. During the consultation process we will tell you why we think Southern Living Sunrooms by Window Expo is the best choice. And we can let you know about any special discounts that might apply to your situation. But we don’t believe in putting our customers in a high-pressure sales environment.

I’d like to talk to people who have previously had a sunroom installed by your company. Who can I call?

We are happy to give you references. Contact us and we will provide you with names and numbers of customers who have added a Southern Living Sunroom to their home. You’ll have direct access to ask them anything you want about our products, installation, and overall service.

Who will be installing our sunroom?

Our installation team has combined experience of more than 20 years. The team has rock solid experience building custom sunrooms following the design perfectly.

What permits and inspections do I need for my sunroom addition?

If you use Southern Living Sunrooms, we handle all the necessary permits and inspections. We just consider it a normal part of the project (be wary of companies that ask you to do any of this yourself).

Can I count on the original quote to be accurate, or should I worry about cost overruns?

Assuming you don’t request any changes, your quote is what you will pay. Not a penny more.

If I sign a contract with Southern Living Sunrooms by Window Expo, what can I expect next?

You deserve the highest level of communication right from the beginning. Our designer will work meet with you to go over every detail to your satisfaction. Some companies struggle with communication between their designer and their installation crew, which can lead to differences between what was promised and what actually gets built. With us, the person who does the design also leads the installation, so miscommunication is not an issue.

How long will the installation of my Southern Living Sunroom take?

This can of course vary by project, but after the product arrives most simple installs take about 1 week. More complex installs average about 2 weeks

Will this project turn my house into a big, noisy mess?

When it comes to putting an addition on your home, no company can promise you zero noise, mess, or interruption. What we will promise you is this: we always remember it is your home first, and a construction site second. We have done enough installations that our fine-tuned install process is orderly and keeps mess to a minimum. And when we’re done, we thoroughly clean-up after ourselves.

With all that glass, aren’t sunrooms hard to keep clean?

No. For the majority of our customers, washing your windows two or three times a year will keep it will looking great.

When it comes to my home, I have high standards and like things done to my custom specifications. Can Southern Living Sunrooms meet custom requirements?

Yes. During your initial consultation, share your ideas with us so they can be incorporated into the design. We will also make suggestions based on our own experience and answer all your questions. As for high standards, we adhere to those ourselves, so we will get along great.

Can I see pictures of your sunrooms to get ideas?

Yes. You can visit our Sunroom Gallery page here. You can also download our free report: Sunroom Idea Guide and Portfolio.

What else do I need to know?

First, request our free report on Replacement Windows. This will give you a comprehensive overview of windows. We also strongly recommend you request our Contractor Standards Guide. You can receive these free reports here. It will demonstrate how you can thoroughly analyze your choice of contractors.

I need to replace multiple windows but don’t want to pay for it all at once. What are my options?

We offer financing plans that allow you to spread out the cost and make it fit almost any budget. Visit our Financing page for more details.

Can you do custom windows?

Yes. Window Expo will take EXACT measurements of your window opening to make sure you get the perfect fit. All of our windows are CUSTOM MADE to fit your home.

Cleaning the outside of the glass on my windows is a difficult, time-consuming process. Will my new replacement windows be easier to clean?

Yes. With a double-hung tilting sash, you will be able to stand inside and clean the outside. Be sure to talk with our consultant about your specific needs for your new windows and we will help you find an affordable solution to match.

How do you back up your claim to offer both low prices AND quality service?

For one, we can give you customer references – just contact us and we will be happy to provide them. We also provide written warranties and detailed quotes that show you exactly what you’re getting. Finally, we have a Low Price Guarantee. Our promise is we will not be beat on price on any “apples to apples” comparison of products and installation.

NOTE: There are some companies that offer windows that of such poor quality and installation that we cannot offer a comparable price. If a window has practically no energy efficient value, if the glass is sub-standard, or if the labor used is unskilled, we have no interest in matching that kind of window product and installation.

Yes. We believe energy efficient windows are the best choice. The reason is simple. A window that fails to meet energy efficiency standards will actually cost you money in the long run with higher energy bills. Some companies will throw a ton of jargon at you. Here is the short version: in warmer climates like Texas, understand the window’s Solar Energy Coefficients. This measures how much of the sun’s heat is being transferred indoors and driving up air conditioning costs. There are other important factors. You can hear more about them with a free consultation from Window Expo.

Why do bids for installation differ so much?

There are 3 types of window companies out there. There are the “quick-buck, here today, gone tomorrow” types. They’ll bid what they think they can get you to pay. Another type will do solid installation, but are not very efficient with overhead expenses and employee accountability, and that will be reflected in their higher bids.

At Window Expo, we are able to keep our bids low because we have mastered the art of low overhead and volume discounts. We also have built a culture of accountability top to bottom in our company – our installers are paid by project and are 100% responsible for the quality of the installation. They do it RIGHT the first time.

Why do the prices on windows vary so much?

In part, this has to do with the quality of the window. There are some really cheap windows out there that aren’t much better than sheet plastic in terms of durability and energy efficiency. There are windows on the other end that would be appropriate for homes worth $750,000 and up.

But there are a number of outstanding window choices in between and even these prices vary significantly. Quite frankly, with some windows you are paying a premium for the brand NAME, not for added quality. You also have some companies that spend quite a bit of money to acquire customers through massive advertising campaigns and other similar techniques. While these methods can be effective, they are also not always the most efficient and the additional costs can drive up the price of windows.